Vendor Agreement

Radio Puja Corp., Inc., a New York State, USA corporation owns several sites, free to its members. Radio Puja offers a platform, for every individual to make a decent living and grow an easy income for a small admin fee. Radio Puja now presents, a multi-vendor eCommerce platform for Sellers of consumer products to join in partnership to market and grow their businesses under the following terms and conditions, profitable to the Sellers.

1. Free Membership: Vendors have the following two easy membership options :

Option A – Echum Regular: Vendors get 92% of the amount received from the buyers of their products plus the vendor’s shipping cost and taxes on the products sold. So, the vendors have nothing to lose, as they pay a small 8% fee only when their products are sold. 

Option B – Echum Premium: Vendors enroll as Premium members of and get 95% of the amount received from the buyers of their products plus the vendor’s shipping cost on the products sold. The Premium membership offers several lucrative benefits to grow easy income and increase Vendor’s sales volume rapidly. 

Vendors can switch between the above two options at any time. Option B gets more profitable for the vendors when their monthly sales reach $500. Also, Option B encourages the vendors to be more aggressive in marketing as they can offer free shipping to their customers who enroll for premium membership under the vendor’s FreeNez account. In addition, the vendors make $8 monthly from each of their premium customers.

2. Shipping: Vendors can use the Store Manager platform to set the shipping charges for the buyers at appropriate rates or offer them free shipping for orders over a certain value. Integrated shipping is available to print labels and invoices.  eChum returns the full 100% of the shipping cost collected to the vendors.

3. Returns: Vendors can set their own return/refund policy or follow eChum policy.

4. Compliance: eChum will promptly email the orders received on the platform to the Vendors. The vendors should ship the merchandise to the buyers within two days along with the order tracking number. Vendors can also establish and update free shipping above a certain value of an order before the order is placed. Vendors must comply with the shipping rate established on an order that has been placed by the customer.

5. Sale Price: Vendors can offer free coupons or place items for discounted prices. eChum makes this very easy to implement on this platform.

6. Upload Products: It is easy to upload your products. After you register, just go to Dashboard, select Add Product. For any product enter Price and in Short Description box, enter Weight in ounces (oz) and Brand. eChum will add images of your products, if you don’t have an image. Vendors can also upload their products in bulk by importing them using CSV files.

7. Payments: Vendors can request auto payment from eChum at any time when the order is completed. eChum deposits the payment promptly into the vendor’s account.

8. Help: eChum support staff is available to answer any questions and provide help. Live Phone: 800-US-INDIA (800-874-6342). Email: Whatsapp: +18622167773.

9. Termination: This agreement can be terminated by either party at any time due to any reason.

10. Governing Law: The validity, interpretation, and construction of this agreement shall be determined by the New York State law. You as a vendor accept a court of competent jurisdiction solely in the State of New York for any action or proceedings in connection with the dealings in this or use of this website.