Terms and Conditions

By accessing and using eChum.com, you agree to the following: 

  1. The term “Vendor” herein refers to the retailer listing its products for sale on eChum.com and responsible for shipping them directly to the Buyer. eChum.com provides the website platform to the Vendors.
  2. Due to the Pandemic, it may take longer than normal time for the product to be delivered to certain locations. The eChum.com Vendors ship the products out immediately upon receipt of the orders and rely on USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  3. eChum.com in good faith makes its best efforts to provide you, the Buyer with good quality merchandise at the best possible prices. eChum.com provides its platforms to various Vendors to market their choice of desirable products to the Buyers for mutual satisfaction. The Vendors make their best efforts in good faith to sell only the unexpired and fresh items on eChum.com. Since eChum.com has no direct control over the quality of products sold by Vendors or their performance methods, You, as a Buyer, agree to buy these products and waive your right to hold eChum.com responsible for any defective product, or product contaminated or harmful or in any respect unsuitable or Vendor’s strict adherence to their policies.
  4. Refund Policy: The buyers should immediately (within two days of receiving the merchandise) contact the Vendor directly (not eChum.com) if they have any issue with the merchandise and return the merchandise in the condition as received to the Vendor for a refund. Every retail Vendor has its own policy and rules regarding returns and refunds (displayed with a link under each item on eChum.com). The merchandise should be received by the Vendor within a maximum of 10 days to qualify for a refund. The refunds are processed immediately upon Vendor approval and are credited to the Buyer’s payment method by eChum.com.